Vacusport therapy

Our latest purchase is Vacusport. A NASA Technology machine, made in Europe.
This technology improves microcirculation, brings oxygen to the tissues, gets rid of toxines, improves the lymphatic system, reduces swelling, stimulatescolagen, minimizestheoxidizing of tissues....
This new technology, along with global corporal electrostimulation is the most revolucionary method of antiaging medicine. At Sportcat we have a pack with both treatments, which brings spectacular results in only a few sessions.
An example of this revolucionary method is Jan Frondeno (olympic goldmedal in triathlon), who otfen uses this machine, especially after an important competition. The benefits of Vacusport are so great that only after 3 days of use make him fully recovered, instead for the usual 6 to 8 weeks. After recovering with us from an injury involving the use of VACUSPORT among other treatments, he won IM70.3 Barcelona and only 3 weeks later he won, world record included, IM Frankfurt, becoming European Champion 2015. In October he became IM world Champion in Hawaii.

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