Global corporal electroestimulation


AnotherTechnology that makes us different is global corporal electrostimulation.
We were the first to have this Technology, back in 2010

Has its origin in the USA and it Works with a piece of clothing that covers all tehbody, arms, glutes, thighsand has elèctrodes in each muscular group, sending electricpulses. It allows us to tone, make more flexible or cause hypertrophy the area we are interested in, working the whole body by brining balance to all the muscular System. A session wich lasts around 30-40 minutes is equivalent to 2 weeks of daily work at the gym. Great to keep a good muscular tone in case of a long injury, recover the muscles after an important effort (marathon, ultraman...) balance and compensate muscles...

This Technology along with VACUSPORT is the latest and newest in antiaging medicine

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