Magnetic therapy


Magnetic waves create a molecular vibration at osteo-muscular level that brings a new and improved circulation. These, combined with other treatments such as UHT deep heat, allow an antiimflamatory effect, stimulates joint col·lagen and improves bone density. Our Machines are very powerful. Not all treatments are equal, both the power and the aplicatormatter. Some Machines have low powe rand need many hours to reach a metabolic effect. It is important knowing and comparin magnetic therapy treaments. Our Machines can generate a lot of power, allowing to reach the cover of the bone and thus achieving this improved circulation that along with the UHT deepheatlet’s us treat illnesses such as arthrosis, osteocondritis, DSR, Sudecks, etc....
Stress fractures, shinsplints... are other major uses of magnetic waves. One of them ainboneworseningillnesses, specially in women, such as osteopeny or, if more Advanced, osteoporosis, wich involves worsening of the bone density can be improved with magnetic therapy as it allows the absorbtion of the calcium on the bone not letting it lose any more density and thus improving the strength of the bone. It is the perfect treatment to prevent osteoporosi and avoid fractures.

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