Diathermy is a kind of thermotherapy. It is extremly different from other ones such as infrared, short wave or microwaves. The big differnece is  the depth it reaches towards the tissue,  it arrives inside the articular capsule, so the lenght of these waves apply heat from the outside to the inside. The one the rapy with  most depth is the microwave one, but skin and fat don’t let too much air in and that’s why they can’t absorb big doses of temperature concentrated in a specific area, causin burn before reaching it’saim in depth.

Almost all there habilitation centers uses diathermy, however at Sortcat we use Deep Diathermy UHF , which works with 200 watts and a wave length of 493 MHz. This kind of thermotherapy acts at a deeper level creating an increased heat from the inside to the outside. That allows deep level action increasing  the temperature up to 41ºC increasing the size of the blood vessels and the cell metabolism of the area being treated. It stimulates col·lagen and it absorbs any swelling as well as healing deep tissues where other thermotherapies can’t act. It’s the optimum treatment on all crònic bone-joint problems that imply a swelling process such as all degenerating processes: arthritis, osteocondritis, boneswelling, shinsplints, jointconcusions, gout, etc. UHF deep diathermy can stimulate an vascular growthandheal processes such as Sudeck, DSR... Herniated discs or other discal problems are degenerating processes where the vertebral disc under goes an aging process, losing the properties of its fiber ring. With diathermy, a core for the disc is created with the process is stabilized. Although the treatment doesn’t get rid of the hernia, it does get rid of all symptoms allowing the patient not to have to under go surgery. The treatment is also applied after surgeries to avoid swelling.

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