Protein Grow Factors

Sportcat (Sports Medicine) cooperates with BTI (BIOTHECNOLOGY INSITITUTE) investigating and using plans and kits in order to be within the CE rules in getting and injecting Protein Growth Factors.
Growth factors, or high molecular weight proteins, are other treatments we do at Sportcat. We use them along with other treatments to increase their efficiency and optimizing its performance. How does it work? Injecting proteins in the area to be treated (tendon or muscle injuries). These proteins have previously been treated with blood extracted from the patient.
This kind of treatment isn’t used on tissues that don’t regenerate once degenerated. Combining our techniques with muscular or tendon injuries, growth factors will favor and accelerate the process. They’re very useful in chronical conditions such as shoulder tendonitis, elbow epicondylitis, fibrosis in muscular scars... It can also be used and other more acute injuries but each case is unique and usually there’s no need to combine other treatments with Protein Growth Factors.

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